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Rambler Sports Locker

In the next four photos you will see members of Loyola’s first ever regularly scheduled TV show. Loyola’s “Rambler Sports Locker.” I am incredibly proud of these students. In January of 2011, junior Garrison Carr approached me about starting a sports show. I told him I would consider being his faculty adviser if he could find 12 or so other students who would join him in helping produce the show. Of course I was completely skeptical it would ever happen. In less than two weeks, he came to my office and said he had more than enough students. We decided to meet on Thursday evenings. Most of the students had never picked up a camera before let alone produced news packages, worked in a studio or read broadcast copy from an anchor desk. Most of the students were from outside the School of Communication. What they had in common was a passion for sports. Within six weeks, the students produced their first show. It wasn’t the prettiest, but it was incredibly impressive to me. It has now been almost a year and they are producing a show of real quality. Another few months and I will stack this show up against any college sportscast. As a teacher, one of the truly great rewards is watching students grow and exceed your expectations. I have such respect for these students. Forever more, they can make the claim to have produced the first regularly scheduled TV show in Loyola’s history. Of course, I’m particularly tough on them. Two weeks ago, I made them go stand on Michigan Avenue to do their first standups. The more distractions, the better. Again, they excelled.

Standups on Michigan AvenueThe Round Table Discussion, Rambler Sports LockerThe Ramble Sports Locker Rank and File
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Hurricane Katrina

All that glitters if often a guise. Mississippi continues to struggle recovering and rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina. Because of the loss of life and the hapless response rescue response, Katrina will forever be associated with New Orleans. However, New Orleans had a rain problem resulting in the overflow of the levies. Mississippi was ground zero when the hurricane came ashore. The storm surge came ashore a half mile and more and then dragged it’s damage back into the Gulf.¬† Five years later, the people of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast continue to rebuild and recover from that August, five years ago. Progress is being made for sure. The first businesses to recover and rebuild were the casinos, Mississippi’s cash machines. The casinos stand in stark contrast to what lies just across Highway 90. When one crosses that road, the recovery is just beginning and in some cases will never start. More stories to come.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrqKhMYmD54&w=560&h=315]

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